Jelqs And Kegel Exercise Guide

Jelqing and Kegeling are two of the most beneficial and influential exercises out of all the different types of penis enlargement exercises that exist. Using only these exercises creates what I like to call a minimalist routine. These are the two most diverse techniques that feature many variants of the basic methods that help practitioners increase size and overcome such obstacles as the plateau effect.

Jelqing at its roots is notorious for helping increase girth, while kegeling strengthens erection quality and hardness, improve ejaculation response, and indirectly increases the size of your penis. The Jelq and Kegels are two of the best techniques for penis enlargement and performing them are very simple. This guide will explain how and also how to progress.

Along with performing individual Kegel exercises, you will also learn how to perform a hybrid technique that incorporates Jelqing and Kegeling simultaneously. Before beginning, perform the necessary conditioning (warm-up).

How To Perform The Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing is a milking exercise that is similar to how a cow’s udder is stroked to extract milk. Imagine a dairy farmers technique! THE MASTER OF THE JELQ! Anyways, you will need lubricant and nothing more than your hands to perform the “wet Jelq”, a safer version of the basic Jelq.

Practice these steps:

  1. Jelq ANd Kegel ExercisesLather your penis with lubricant. Do not go overboard with lubricant as you may find it difficult to grasp your shaft as you milk it.

  2. Experts say Jelqing works best when you are at least fifty percent erect. You know what you need to do in order to stimulate an erection. This makes it easier to engorge your penis with blood since it is flowing. Get to it!

  3. As for the actual technique, use your thumb and index finger to form the “ok” sign. You may also include your middle finger to improve this technique. Secure your grip at the base your shaft with the “ok” grip.

  4. Once your grip is positioned, slightly grasp your shaft. You should feel light pressure. Begin “milking” your hand up the length of your shaft. Think of the motion of a single stroke.

  5. Once you have completed one repetition, use your other hand to perform the same motion to complete another repetition.

Congratulations, you have completed the first portion of the Jelqing and Kegeling routine. Remember these tips when you are practicing:

  • At no point should your penis hurt when practicing. If you do feel pain, adjust your grip or alter the milking motion your are using.

  • If you are confused about what lubricant you should use, read this article.

  • You can improve the results of this exercise by supplementing with an enlargement pill regimen or by using one of the few creams that are packed with nutrients that have an intended use of increasing size.

How To Make The Most Of The Male Kegel Exercise

Male kegel exercises are considerably different that a typical stretching, pulling or squeezing based penis exercise. Although a basic Kegel does not directly affect penis size, it does however help with the enlargement process by helping more blood circulate into the pelvic region and the penis.

Kegeling produces a wide range of benefits, but for this guide, we will focus on the intended results that make your penis size grow. Consequently, many of the other benefits Kegeling produces will follow accordingly.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Firstly, you need to locate your PC muscle and feel it contract. This can be done when you urinate. Do you know that tense feeling along the bottom of your pelvic floor when urine begins to exit your penis? That is your PC muscle flexing. Get a feel for this.

  2. Contract your PC muscle a few times. Flex, hold, and release. These steps are the basis for practicing Kegels.

  3. To begin practicing, flex your PC muscle, hold for no longer than 5 seconds, and release. Wait 2 - 5 seconds and perform another.

  4. You should attempt 50 - 75 Kegels every other day for the first 4 weeks.

Good job, you have completed the second exercise in this routine. Here are a few tips and words of encouragement to help you remain active with this routine:

  • Performing Kegels after Jelqs significantly impacts the effects of blood circulating within your penis, which has more of an effect on your size.

  • Kegeling can cause symptoms of premature ejaculation if your PC muscle is weak. You will overcome this by strengthening your PC muscle overtime. Stay active and do not give up, the results are well worth the effort!

You’ve Established Your Very Own Jelqing And Kegel Routine!

Kudos to you! If you made it this far, you are well on your way! This routine makes penis enlargement simple and easy for beginners. Next up, I will introduce you to a hybrid exercise that involves practicing Kegels and Jelqs simultaneously.

The next portion of this guide is meant to progress this particular routine to an intermediate stage. After a few months of practicing Jelqs and kegels separately of one another, the key to BIG gains in combining the two at the same time.

Performing Jelq And Kegel Exercises Together

  • After you are comfortable performing Jelqs, you do not have to use lubricant, but it is recommended.

  • Stimulate an erection to about 50% of a fully erect state. Once you are ready to begin, start with Kegels. Contract your PC muscle and hold this flex no longer than 5 seconds, but if you can aim for 5 seconds. I call this a staggered Kegel.

  • While holding each Kegel, milk (Jelq) your penis once with each hand and then relax your PC muscle.

  • You should perform a total of 100 Jelqs (50 with each hand) and a total of 50 staggered Kegels for every two Jelq repetitions.

  • If you a performing the advanced version of this exercise - holding each kegel for 5 seconds and more than 100 Jelqs

What You Get From Performing This Routine

The observable benefits from practicing these exercises are as followed:

  • Thicker erections
  • Wider when flaccid
  • Last longer
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Improvement in erection hardness and rigidity
  • More sensation, orgasm multiple times
  • Healthier, supple penis

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